Bolt Action: Japanese Infantry
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This plastic box set contains enough parts to make 30 plastic Japanese infantry armed with: Arisaka rifle, Light 'knee' mortar, Hand grenades, Type 99 Light machine gun (and bayonet!), Type 14, Nambu pistol, Flag pole, NCO's Shin Gunto sword, Anti-tank lunge mine, Arisaka rifle with bayonet, Type 100 sub-machine gun Plus lots of accessories including a bugle and full-colour devotional banner and flag sheet!
Bolt Action: Type 97 Chi-Ha Medium Tank
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Even the emperor is pleased with what this box contains:

  • Enough plastic components to make 1 Chi-Ha or the up gunned Type 97-Kai Shinhoto Chi-Ha
  • Damage markers
  • Full colour waterslide decal sheet
  • A Bolt Action stat card
  • A detailed booklet describing how to build and paint your Chi-Ha