United States
Bolt Action: 1000pts US Starter Army
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  • Second Lieutenant& One extra Riflemen (60)
  •  Infantry Squad (12) NCO SMG, BAR (128)
  •  Infantry Squad (12) NCO SMG, BAR (128)
  • Infantry Squad (12) NCO SMG, BAR (128)
  •  Infantry Squad (12) NCO SMG, BAR (128)
  • 60mm Mortar Team (35)
  •  .50Cal Team (70)
  • M3, +2 .30Cal Teams (129)
  • Sherman (195)
  •  Total 1001 Points
Bolt Action: American Infantry
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Box contains 25 plastic infantry
Bolt Action: Rangers Lead The Way
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Rangers Lead The Way! contains:
Enough plastic and metal components to make 25 US Rangers miniatures, including a host of different weapon and command model options. Metal parts, including Bangalore torpedoes, M2 flame-thrower, pick/mattocks, axes, wirecutters, heads with goggles, and US Ranger knuckle-knife. 8 unique metal heads representing well-known film characters. Weapons include: M1 carbine, Springfield rifle (plus scoped version and also version with bayonet fitted), M3 'Grease Gun' sub-machine gun, Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR), M1 Garand rifle (plus scoped version and version with bayonet fitted), Bazooka, Thompson sub-machine gun, Winchester combat shotgun, Browning M1911 pistol, hand grenades, bandoliers and ammunition pouches. 25mm round plastic bases.
Bolt Action: US Airborne
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Contains a 30-man plastic US Airborne Platoon: x5 each of 15 different heads, x5 bodies kneeling, x5 bodies prone, x20 bodies running/standing, x5 LMG with bi pod, x5 BAR. Arms with Rifles, Carbines, SMGs, pistols, binoculars, machette. Pouches, Pigeon, ammo, holsters, knives, backpacks and other gear. Construction leaflet including new Bolt Action rules entry & Full colour waterslide decal sheet.
Bolt Action: US Marines
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Box contains

  • 5 USMC plastic sprues
  • 1 US plastic weapons sprue
  • USMC leaflet
Bolt Action: US Army Command
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3 metal foot figures
Bolt Action: M3 Stuart
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This box contains 1 x plastic M3 Light tank with options to use:

  • 5 MMG
  • Flamethrower
  • External Fuel tanks
  • Sand guards
  • Rounded or plate turret variants
Bolt Action: M3A1 Half Track
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This kit includes everything you need to build a M3A1 Half-Track. They had a crew of three men and could carry ten fully equipped troops. There were many variations on the chassis including tank destroyers, mortar carriers and ambulances, but most frequent by far were the M3A1 with its armament of a heavy .50 cal heavy machine gun and two or more .30 cal machine guns.
Bolt Action: M8/M20 Scout Car
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Contains: 1/56th scale hard plastic US M8 or M20 armoured car, Instruction leaflet & a Waterslide decal sheet.
Bolt Action: M4 Sherman Medium Tank
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This Box Contains; 1 M4 Sherman Medium Tank & decal Sheet.
Bolt Action: M10 Wolverine Tank Destroyer
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The M10 was also widely used by the British, who called it the Wolverine. As such this plastic set comes complete with choice of US or British crew plus extensive decal sheets to gear up your tank hunters for action.
Bolt Action: M18 Hellcat
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  • 1 M18 Hellcat plastic kit
  • 1 Waterslide transfer set
  • 1 Full colour construction and paint guide
  • 1 Colour, detailed stats, Bolt Action play card