Grymkin Cage Rager
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Shake the cage and rattle the bones! From Defiers' thoughts, the Cage Rager comes!
Thunderous and ponderous and ten timbers thick, the Cage Rager stuffs its cells with the bodies of the wicked for its masters' harvest. Within this confinement their torments mount, and the Cage Rager harnesses their sweet terror to help the Defiers bend the world to their will. This kit contains one plastic Cage Rager miniature.

Grymkin Skin & Moans
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A living nightmare of tattered faces that stalks in dark and shadowed places, this charnel figure treads the land with wicked curving blades in hand.
Towering above its victims, Skin & Moans fells mortals with expert slashes, then slices off their faces to stitch them into its own motley skin, where the dead visages continue to moan and groan. These thin, overlapping whispers eerily herald the monster's approach.
The Skin & Moans is the frontline heavy warbeast for the Grymkin. Able to both heal itself and increase its own combat capabilities through collecting Corpse Tokens, the Skin & Moans pairs perfectly with the Death Knell as well as the Dread Rots. This kit contains one plastic Skin & Moans miniature.

Grymkin Gorehound
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Slinking in the shadows upon feet like grasping hands, the horror called the gorehound ranges all across our lands.
The gorehound hunts far and wide at its masters' bidding. Its long tongue tastes the air for the sweet taint of corruption as it stalks its prey. Once a stonehearted coward falls within its grasp, the gorehound leisurely sips on the victim's fear and flesh - a just reward for callousness. This kit contains one plastic Gorehound miniature.

Grymkin Dread Rots Unit
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Peter, Peter, pumpkin-headed, by the wicked sorely dreaded.
Myths and folk legends tell of twisted terrors with pumpkins for heads known as the dread rots. Wielding cruel implements with rusty blades, these creatures single out wicked and exploitative mortals living on the fringes of civilisation for punishment. Now they serve their masters in battle, emerging from the loamy soil to reap a bloody harvest upon humanity. This kit contains ten plastic Dread Rots miniatures.

Grymkin Lady Karianna Rose
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Loss and madness are fickle things, but for my new family now I sing.
Driven to madness by loss and grief, the Grymkin have adopted poor Lady Karianna Rose as one of their own. Lady Rose's songs soothe the rage that feeds the Grymkin nightmares, but she can also whip them into a frenzy on a whim. The worst fate awaits any who raises a hand against her, for if this delirious beauty is ever struck down, the Grymkin would fall upon her attacker with swift and furious retribution.
A powerful support solo for the Grymkin, Lady Karianna's fury-manipulation abilities alone are enough to ensure her a place in nearly every Grymkin list. Combined with a host of other powerful warbeast-support and enhancement abilities, Lady Karianna is an indispensable asset that goes perfectly with the Grymkin Army Box. This kit contains one metal Lady Karianna Rose miniature.

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